A basically step-by-step guide on how to make it on YouTube.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the experience by now: you’re browsing your favorite website or social media black hole, and you come across a link. For many, it’s Reddit. For far more, it’s YouTube.

It’s a link to a video. The video’s title is compelling, or its thumbnail somehow attention-grabbing. Maybe there’s a picture of a young kid and his friends both doing the “Home Alone” face next to a Lamborghini that’s, I don’t know, covered in peanut butter or something. Dumb stuff, a lot of the time.


An actual chef re-commits to food YouTube with glorious results

POV Kung Pao Chicken. Credit: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt on YouTube

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is an accomplished professional chef, food scientist, and food writer. Binging with Babish mentions him and uses his recipes more than any other chef. His writings on classic kitchen conundrums and myths are passed around in cooking circles like holy texts. But on YouTube, you might have just thought he was an enthusiastic home cook.

In contrast to the rest of his contemporaries on the food side of YouTube, with their fancy cameras, producers, and production value (which in some instances exist to make up for lack…

You’re your own boss. And your boss is kind of a dick.

It’s simple.

If you’re like me, currently working from home, likely unemployed, attempting some kind of work on a personal project or hobby, you, literally, have your dream job.

Didn’t you always want to set your own hours? Work on something you cared about? Work from home? Sure, you might have preferred the ambiance of a coffee shop, but the lucky shouldn’t be picky.

You’re living the dream. The guy in the kitchen makes coffee exactly how you like it. Your office is exceedingly pet-friendly. …

A painstakingly restored 1910’s schoolhouse along Route 66 is worth the detour.

The experience of driving along Route 66 is, at first, unassuming. It’s a largely blank stretch of road, after all. You’re flanked by same pale yellow desert dirt, and off-green patches of grass. Mountains in the distance never seem like they’re getting any closer or further away. Endless, hypnotically blue sky. You’re lucky if you see a cloud or two. It’s plainly beautiful, and peaceful, to drive along it.

But the legend of Route 66 has endured as long as it has for good reason. Seven-some decades ago…

Getting away from the noise for some natural organic life.

Manhattan can be a lot. Of course Manhattan is great, but, you know. It can still be a lot.

Manhattan is full of people. Apparently, approximately one billion people cram themselves into New York’s spottily operating subway train system at 7am and again at 7pm, every day, every year. And at 7am, if you’re unlucky enough to be at a busy stop, it truly is cramming. The kind of cramming where your jacket gets caught in the closing doors and is just flapping in the dirt of the subway tunnel and your only real thought is, “well, at least I…

Robin Copple


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